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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and serving the western states, DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC provides exclusive services to the natural gas production industry. Working closely with you and developing a personal and intensive relationship, DMJ Gas tailors their services to fit your needs, providing you with exactly what you need, as well as suggesting new ways to increase your profitablility and manage your business. Some of the services provided include:

  • Increasing gas sale opportunities
  • Improving and streamlining operations
  • Analyzing market intelligence
  • Marketing assistance and deal making
  • Back office services: scheduling, balancing, and invoicing
Each service is specifically designed to enhance profitablity and diversify risk. DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC works with a client base of primarily natural gas producers, but other clients include:
  • End-use customers
  • Market aggregators
  • Major oil and gas companies
  • Biogas providers and consumers

Dave Jones

Dave Jones is founder and president of DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC, located in Dublin, California.  Mr. Jones has 20 years of experience in the California natural gas industry, including production, supply, and management. He has acquired his expertise having developed and established a California gas marketing presence for SCANA Energy Trading, and as the production supply manager for Calpine Corporation. He has also represented Chevron Corporation in various energy related positions. As president of DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC, Mr. Jones is recognized as a local expert of California produced natural gas, serving as a market liaison to the local producing community.  He is also a member of the board of directors of CNGPA, the California Natural Gas Producers Association, which represents independent natural gas producers operating in California.


Tina Kavanaugh
Operations Manager
Tina Kavanaugh has been the Operations Manager for DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC since the company's inception in 2002.  She has spent nearly 20 years in the industry, and has developed a reputation for operations expertise second to none .Her background includes positions with Texas-Ohio and TXU Energy Services managing gas control for the California markets on PG&E and SoCal systems. She currently oversees all the scheduling, nominations, balancing, and various other back office operations for the company.